Old Hamster: Keeping Hamsters with Us Longer

Friends who have hamsters always worry about one question, how long can the life span of hamsters be, and how long can these cute little furballs accompany us in the end? Compared to other pets, the life span of hamsters is not long, and the environmental factors to the life span of hamsters bring a great impact, so we should treat them well, so that it can accompany us for a longer period of time. Let’s love hamsters more!

How long can the life span of a hamster be?

In general, the life expectancy of hamsters is 2-3 years, the average life expectancy is about 2.5 years, and some can reach more than 3 years after the owner’s careful care, but it also depends on the hamster’s own factors, the hamster with good genes will be naturally much healthier. Breed differences in life expectancy is also somewhat different, male and female class of this breed of hamster most of the life expectancy can reach 3-3.5 years. There are also gender differences, male hamsters will live longer, and female hamsters that have never given birth will live longer than male hamsters.

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Factors affecting the lifespan of hamsters

Genetic Diseases

Just like human beings, some hamsters also suffer from genetic diseases. These diseases do not know when they will strike, but when they do, they will probably take away the hamster’s life, so do not breed hamsters with genetic diseases to avoid affecting the next generation.

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Hamsters are not very demanding on the environment, as long as the environment is clean and hygienic, preferably light and quiet place, plus the owner’s usual maintenance of the environment in the cage can be, do not place in the high light and noise too much of the place to keep, which will make the hamster long-term mental tension, unable to adapt.

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Proper matching and clean ingredients are also an important part of the hamster’s health.

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As the owner, we should observe the hamster’s condition more, daily more look at the hamster’s feces, drinking water, walking posture, etc., used to determine whether the hamster is sick, if found abnormalities must be dealt with in time to avoid deterioration of the situation.

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Living alone

Hamsters are solitary animals, so I recommend keeping hamsters in a cage, a hamster in a cage is usually bullied, living alone can make it no longer live a life of fear, live more freely.

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Sickness or Injury

No matter what the cause of illness or injury must be treated in time, home should always have some common medicines, do not wait for something to go to buy, so a lot of time is already too late.

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Characteristics of old hamsters

Hamsters are about 1 year and 2 months to 1.5 years old when they start to step into the life of senior hamsters. The following is to tell you what characteristics of old hamsters, so that you can take better care of the old hamster at home.

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High back

Because the hamster becomes thin, the bones also begin to slowly to shrink, this is the sign of the hamster decliner.

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The body begins to become thin

General hamster old appetite will deteriorate, and then the body will soon be thin, after ruling out the possibility of diabetes, the weight of healthy hamsters will also be sharply reduced, and then stabilized, in the near death of the previous period of time the weight will also be reduced, this time can only be supplemented with protein, and feed more bread!

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Severe hair loss

From the moment of aging, the hamster’s hair loses its luster, and it is getting older and older, the hair becomes very rough, and even falls off and becomes light, they don’t have much time left.

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Appetite deteriorates, can’t hold food

Originally love to eat things suddenly ate very little, look closely at the original teeth do not work, hold the food paw often trembling, love to eat food stick can not a now only give it to eat soft grain, or else soak through the water, can improve the hamster’s appetite.

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Play less and sleep more

With the age is getting older, the rat’s physical strength cannot keep up, play the wheel time is less and less, sleep more and more time, basically always sleep before leaving.

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How to take care of old hamsters

Dietary care

For older hamsters, in addition to normal rat food, you can slowly start feeding some soft food. The synthetic food in the rat food can be picked out and soaked in water to soften it before giving it to the hamster. The body immunity of the elderly hamster is slowly weakening, and the owner can also usually take health care products.

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The teeth of old hamsters will become less and less strong to bite open grains and sunflower seeds, so the food for old hamsters needs to be specially made. If the teeth of the old hamster are still very healthy, there is no need to prepare special feed for it, just provide more nutritious things to the old hamster, but the owner should observe the old hamster’s eating situation, and slowly adjust and improve to the best.

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Daily care

It is best to live in a single-story hamster cage, reduce the need to climb the toys, the living environment is best simple. Running wheels do not need to be removed, elderly hamsters quantitative exercise is also necessary. As the body odor and urine smell of older hamsters can become heavier, the hamster cage should be tended to more frequently.

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Pay special attention to the heat and warmth, because the rat’s adaptability to the environment deteriorates, so the summer and winter seasons should pay special attention to Oh.

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The rat is older, and the feelings between the owner is also stronger, see her aging, as the owner’s heart will not be very good, every day more time times to accompany her, combing hair for her, gently massage, so that the old age of the rat also have a comfortable old age.

Full Grown Hamster: the Age of a Hamster

Hamsters are small, cute and loved by everyone. But in fact, those hamsters that look small may already be a hundred years old. Hamsters can be categorized into juvenile, adult and senior hamsters according to their age. Do you know how to tell which age a hamster is?

Full Grown Hamster

Many people wonder when a hamster is considered an adult. In fact, hamsters are equivalent to 18 years old in humans at around two months, i.e., they have just reached adulthood. And at over three months, hamsters are fully adult and ready to mate. Since hamsters have a short lifespan, usually around two years, and different species have slightly different lifespans, they reach adulthood relatively early.

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Determining the age of a squirrel

Judging by the fur

A newly born hamster is hairless, covered with fine short downy hair, the skin looks pink, and the fur will start to grow in seven days. Juvenile hamsters have dark and short fur, soft and shiny hair, and the fur of hamsters within 2 months of birth is lanugo. Full grown hamsters have a darker coat color and the hair will become longer and thicker. Older hamsters, the hair will be very thin, very dry, gradually dull, losing luster, and often shedding.

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Judgement according to body type

Most of the hamsters with thin body shape and shiny hair are young. When a hamster is surrounded by its parents and looks like a scaled-down version of them in appearance, it is about 3 weeks old. Full grown hamsters are larger than juvenile hamsters. Likewise, their fur is coarser than that of juvenile hamsters. There is not much difference between the size of an older hamster and an adult hamster, but older hamsters will gradually become thinner and lose weight.

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Judging by Activity

When you notice that your hamster’s personality becomes active and is rambunctious and combative, it means it is in its adult stage, which is about 2-4 months old. This is the most active and robust period of time for hamsters. Depending on the type of hamster, it is generally still in the developmental stage 3-5 months after weaning, when the amount of food and exercise is very large, and it is important to have enough food and exercise to ensure the animal’s normal development.

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After entering adulthood, Full grown hamsters will gradually start to appear domain sex, female rats will also start to drive away young children, siblings will gradually appear quarrel or even fight behavior, so hamsters need to be raised in separate cages, otherwise it is difficult to avoid each other’s fighting behavior.

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When your hamster’s appetite and activity gradually begin to decline, weight loss, breathing difficulties, and slow movement, inactivity, eyes lose their light and cloudy, this is a sign that the hamster is entering the old age. Hamsters are more prone to illness at this time than in adulthood. Some degenerative diseases or tumors also begin to appear. At this time, it is recommended to consult an experienced person who can regularly check the hamster’s physical condition and deal with the living environment.

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Also, if the hamster is cowering in a small corner of the cage and burying itself in the shavings of the cage, it is a sign that the hamster knows that its time has come and is quietly waiting to die.

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Differences in appearance between juvenile, adult, and senior hamsters

Juvenile Hamster

Juvenile hamsters are smaller in size, have fetal hair (before 2 months of age) that is fine and soft to the touch, have less obvious male sexual characteristics, and are more active.

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Full Grown Hamster

Full grown hamsters are larger than young hamsters, have coarser fur, have more pronounced male sexual characteristics, and are more calm except for males and females.

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Elderly Hamsters

Elderly hamsters are larger than juvenile hamsters, thin (over 2 years old), have dull fur color, shedding, or even significant shedding, and do not like to move around.

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Supplies Needed to Raise a Hamster

There are a few essential supplies that you need to have in order to raise a hamster. The first is a cage. In summer, you should choose a cage that is well ventilated, which is good for your hamster’s health. In winter, it is best to keep it warm.

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Another thing is edible salt, which is necessary for hamsters, but the height of the container should be suitable for hamsters to reach. Commonly used containers are glass cigarette jar, sauce dish, various small bowls, microwave box and small sized tupperware.

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Drinking vessels are usually designed with a stainless-steel bead on the front end, so be careful to test for leaks when purchasing. You can’t use a bowl to hold the water directly, because hamster drinking water will wet the fur, which can easily lead to colds. Alternatively, you can use a plastic box filled with cat litter as a toilet. Remove the clumped cat litter or change all of it every day, depending on personal hygiene habits.

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For some hamsters that do not like to use cat litter, you need to prepare a bathroom for them and place bath sand. Proper exercise is also necessary for hamsters, so you need to prepare a roller for them to play with after eating food. In addition, wood shavings are a must; hamsters have growing teeth and need teething sticks to trim overgrown teeth. While some hamsters will grind their teeth by chewing on their cage, etc., you don’t have to worry too much when you don’t use the provided teething stone/stick.

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Hamsters prefer huts made of a variety of materials, including ceramic, wood, grass and plastic. They like to dig holes to live in, so if you have the means, equip your hamster with a hut or make one yourself.

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The life span of a hamster is actually not very long, so if you have a cute and adorable little hamster, make sure you take good care of it at every stage of its age, so that it grows up happily and spends its life happily.