How Big should a Gerbil cage be? How to feed gerbils?


How big should a gerbil cage be? For gerbils, definitely the bigger the better la. The double cage is big enough for the gerbil to jump up and down. There is one more thing you may or may not want to put in the cage, the bath, so that the gerbil can enjoy rolling around anytime. However, it is a waste of gerbil sand, and the gerbil will turn the sand into the cage.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

There are also some gerbil supplies, gerbil food can buy a little. You can buy some gerbil food and mix it with your own, and often feed it some washed and wiped vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, which my gerbils love to chew on.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

Gerbils must have bath sand, if it is not necessary, gerbils should not use water to wash, it is easy to catch a cold. And they are very afraid of water. If you don’t use the bathroom, you can always take the gerbils out and roll them around in the sand, and the stinky smell will be gone.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

How big should a gerbil cage be? Wood shavings in the gerbil cage are also necessary, I once thought of using odorless paper towels, but within two days, the cage stinks to high heaven, very strong smell of urine. I had to change it every day, it’s not so bad in winter, but it’s especially bad in summer, so I recommend using wood shavings, it’s cheaper to buy them in online stores, and for a gerbil, one kilogram of wood shavings can be used for at least half a year.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

You don’t need a teething stone, but the gerbil’s food must have some hard food, which can be used for teething. You can also buy a little gerbil snack, cheese grains ah, small melon seeds ah, you can eat a little flaxseed, sesame seeds, beauty of the hair, gerbil’s fur will be brighter. If you are not afraid of bread worms, you can buy one or two pieces for the gerbils to eat, but eating too much will be on fire.

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How to feed gerbils

  1. Prohibit the feeding of human food, too much salt, too much seasoning, will increase the gerbil body burden.
  2. No direct contact with the sun, gerbils are very afraid of heat, summer is here, please using a heat sink or marble to cool them down.
  3. Do not wash your gerbil’s body with water if it is not necessary.
  4. Please know your own gerbil species. No solitary gerbils or different species should be housed together.
  5. If you are not mentally prepared or financially capable, please do not combine female and male gerbils in a cage, as gerbils are very capable of reproducing.
  6. Prohibit the use of feed of unknown origin, please discard the worms or moldy, do not feed!
  7. Do not allow gerbils to drink raw water, please let them drink cold boiled water.
  8. Prohibit the use of bamboo chopsticks, popsicles and other things for gerbils to grind their teeth, please use gerbil-specific teething products and feeds available on the market.
  9. Prohibit the use of newspaper and tissue paper as bedding material. Newspaper has too much ink, and Kleenex contains bleach.
  10. Prohibit gerbils from being kept in too small a space, which should have at least a wheel, water bottle, food bowl, small nest and other supplies.

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Gerbil feeding environment

How big should a gerbil cage be? The optimum temperature in the cage is 20-28℃, avoid direct sunlight or places directly hit by strong winds, but pay attention to ventilation. Don’t be too close to TV, stereo, computer, gerbils can hear sounds that humans can’t hear and should avoid radiation and noise.

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In summer, it is best not to turn on the air conditioner, because when you go out, turn off the air conditioner, and then turn on the air conditioner when you come in the house will make the temperature difference in the house too big, and the gerbils are very sensitive to the temperature, and easy to catch a cold.

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Don’t put it outside in winter, gerbils will hibernate because it’s too cold. How big should a gerbil cage be? Lay more bedding material such as wood shavings in the cage and configure a wooden or straw hut for the gerbil for warmth. Or give extra napkins for gerbils to make their own nests. The easiest way to do this is to place the entire cage in a cardboard or plastic box, but keep an eye out for ventilation.

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When bringing a gerbil home, it will seem very sensitive and nervous for a relatively long period of time as it is away from the environment it has been living in and away from its mother and siblings is lost. Sometimes it will bite, daze, refuse to eat, etc. And this period is a critical time for you and the gerbil to build trust. If not handled well it will be hard to build a good relationship later on, and it is possible that your gerbil will turn into a bad gerbil that bites all the time!

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Here’s a timeline, don’t be in a hurry, a little goes a long way with your gerbil:

Day 1: Allow him to get used to his new environment, don’t harass him at all, don’t touch him, and don’t take him to and from the gerbil.

Day 2: You can feed it with your hand and talk to it softly to familiarize it with your smell and voice.

Day 5: Gently pick it up and put it in the palm of your hand (don’t let it fall or run away).

Day 10: You can play with it as much as you like.

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Be careful when picking up a gerbil. Sleeping gerbils don’t like to be disturbed, so make sure he is awake before you pick him up. You should spread his nest so that he can see you, and then pick him up gently, and don’t force him to do so if he doesn’t want to be picked up.