Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!

For those of you who like to watch Disney animated movies, you must have been impressed by the adorable “Kiki” and “Titi”, the prototypes of which are the baby chipmunks I want to share with you today.

Baby Chipmunks with five vertical stripes

If you want to talk about the unique looks of baby chipmunks, you have to talk about the five distinctive brown stripes on their bodies, which is why they are called “five eyebrows”. The black stripe in the center starts from the top of the head and extends to the tail, while the others start from the shoulders and spread outwards. If you don’t believe me, you can take a closer look.

baby chipmunk

In addition, they are a lively and sensitive little guy with bulging cheeks and bright eyes, so they have become a favorite of many people. Baby chipmunks are not a single creature, there are 25 different members of the baby chipmunk family, all of them are small and usually weigh no more than 100 g. In addition, unlike mice, they are diurnal, so we can see baby chipmunks during the daytime with a lot of energy!

baby chipmunk

Most baby chipmunks live in North America, with a few settlings in Asia and Europe, where they like to stay in quiet woods or bushes and build their own burrows with their tiny paws. But don’t look at their little one, the ability to dig a hole is not ordinary, their home has a depth of about 3-9 meters, which is also subdivided into different living areas, there is a baby room, there is a storage room, there is also to confuse the natural enemy of the false hole.

baby chipmunk

For baby chipmunks, all kinds of berries and nuts are their favored food, and occasionally they will eat some insects for a change. Because they have cheek pouches on either side of their cheeks, they look funny when they are eating with a bulging face. And they can also use the cheek pouches to carry food, but they are a little greedy, they will be pine cones, almonds and so on a brain into the mouth, and then there is a side to run home, the food side of the scene dropped, often in vain.

baby chipmunk

By the time fall is in full swing, they are storing up their winter food, and it is during this time that baby chipmunks can be observed running and jumping in the woods. When the earth is unsealed and the warmth of spring returns, they emerge from their nests, and this is also the time when they look for love, and in early spring the baby chipmunks find a partner and begin to prepare for the birth of their babies. It only takes a month for a baby chipmunk mom to give birth to 4-6 pups. However, baby chipmunks are not group-living creatures, and at this time the males and females will be separated, and the females will enter the life of a single mother, and when the babies are old enough to live on their own, they will leave their mothers, and the baby chipmunks will once again return to their single lives.

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Baby chipmunks are shy by nature

Because they are so small, they are not very bold, and they are also lazy to their owners. If you’ve just brought a baby chipmunk home, they won’t show much intimacy with you because they’re still slow to warm up at heart. But this little guy cannot resist the temptation of food, when they are hungry, even if the face of you is still a little afraid, but will still run over to eat the food in your hand Oh. At this time the owner will have to make more efforts, keep repeating the feeding every day will make them more familiar with you, not long and you can become good friends. Why are baby chipmunks so alert? Because they are born with a lot of enemies, such as owls and weasels, so they won’t let their guard down too easily.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图5

In addition, as mentioned above, they like to eat nuts, but you can’t eat a lot of fried melons, as they contain nitrates when they’re stir-fried, something the baby chipmunk’s gut can’t handle. And these melons are also relatively high in calories, eat more of them will also become fat, too obese may cause a burden on the body functions. In addition, they also have a place to save people, that is, they will clean their own hair, put them into the special cleaning sand pool, you will see them in the inside of the spinning and rolling, so out of a clean baby chipmunk.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图6

In addition to these, they are also very sleepy creatures, as if the whole cannot wake up, 24 hours a day, they will spend 15 hours to sleep, so do not pay attention to observe them, you will find that your baby chipmunks seem to always doze off.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图7

Some members of the baby chipmunk family

Tricolor squirrels can be said to be the baby chipmunks in the genus C value, they have gorgeous fur, forelimbs and belly hair is gentle yellow-brown, on both sides of their body distribution of white spots, while their back is a deep black, different colors in their body combination of incomparable marvelous.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图8

Baby Siberian Chipmunks are their physical counterparts, and as you can see from their name, they live in cold Siberia, which is why they are covered in a thick layer of fur, as well as being stocky, with a large fluffy tail trailing behind them.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图9

Buhler chipmunk babies living in the wild, they are good-looking orange-yellow color, in order to adapt to the rhythm of life in the outside world, they are also equipped with agile speed and excellent perception, but they also have some shortcomings, that is, from time to time to let out some sharp and harsh screams.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图10

I believe that after seeing this, you must have a better understanding of the baby chipmunks, this cute little animal, if you feel pity for them, you might as well have one to try!