Theodore Chipmunk: Observing the Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks

Theodore chipmunk:Alvin and the Chipmunks plot introduction

Alvin and the Chipmunks director Tim Hill, released in 2007 , tells the story of the hero David, a songwriter who is not particularly fond of talented songwriters, and whose songs have become obsolete in the eyes of his friend Ian, who runs an economic company, and because of his friend’s taunts, David loses his passion for music.

theodore chipmunk

On his way home for dinner, he meets three chipmunks, Simon, Alvin and Theodore Chipmunk. But the three of them have different personalities and David takes them in because of their singing talents. But their mischievous character brings David both work and love losses, but also because of the three chipmunks, his talent is again recognized by the company. The three chipmunks become famous, but because David is unfamiliar with the concept of family, he does not recognize the chipmunks as a member of the family, so a series of misunderstandings arise.

theodore chipmunk

The Chipmunks also leave David and join Ian, an unscrupulous boss who only wants to suppress the Chipmunks. The Chipmunks are initially very happy to be out of David’s control, but because of Ian’s constant suppression, they experience severe physical fatigue. David also began to realize the importance of the three chipmunks to him, and eventually David confessed his love, the chipmunks also recognized David’s love and care for them, and returned to David’s side. Ian eventually goes bankrupt for breaking his contract.

theodore chipmunk

This is more of a children’s film, and some of the songs in it are really catchy and catchy, and the overall feeling is interspersed with the atmosphere of a musical, which would have been more upbeat if I’d seen it in a movie theater.

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But as a musical cartoon movie that leans towards a children’s film, but also serves as some revelations, such as I think it implicitly tells some of the problems of the entertainment industry, such as Ian as a capitalist does not care about the rest of the Chipmunks’ time in the entertainment industry, and is bent on squeezing them, so that they are always in the time of fatigue, as it feels like the entertainment industry in the crushing of child labor.

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Theodore Chipmunk:Three Cute Chipmunks

Green hoodies, cute and yummy. These three little guys aren’t very handsome, but they are geniuses. The three lively and lovely chipmunks should have lived happily in the woods, but they broke into the human world and wandered into the door of David, an unlucky composer. The little guys take over David’s house without saying a word, and in order to convince David to take them in, the three chipmunks actually speak human language and sing songs.

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Thus, a chipmunk chorus was born, and the three chipmunks soon became a household name. With the help of the three adorable chipmunks, David creates several Christmas songs and soon becomes famous. However, the mischievous little chipmunks bring both hilarity and chaos into David’s life.

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Unfortunately, Ian, the bad guy at the record company, thinks the Chipmunks’ singing is magical, and sees a “bright path” to riches. He packages and promotes the Chipmunks, and then tours the world, giving them tons of work and making lots and lots of money.

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In order to make his plans go smoothly, he also sowed discord between the Chipmunks and David, causing the Chipmunks to leave David. The bitter experience of working for Ian made the three chipmunks realize how happy and evocative it was to live with David as a family. Finally, they return to David and live happily ever after.

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Wonderful dialog

David Chipmunks (the three chipmunks are singing “Funky Town”): Hey guys, stop singing, it’s three in the morning.
(Theodore and Simon stop, and Alvin is continuing to sing)
David Chipmunk: Alvin. (still singing)
David Chipmunk: Alvin. (still singing)
David Chipmunk: Alvin!
David Chipmunk (seeing Theodore Chipmunk eating a tiny brown thing): Oh, Theodore, are you–?
Alvin Chipmunk: Relax, David, it’s just a raisin.
David Chipmunk: I don’t believe it.
Alvin Chipmunks (swoops up the raisin and eats it): Oh, yummy.
David Chipmunk: Okay. (David leaves).
Alvin Chipmunk (quickly spits out the contents of his mouth and points one finger at Theodore): Dude, you owe me big time!
Theodore Chipmunk: oh ……

Theodore Chipmunk:Alvin and the Chipmunks Afterthoughts

The Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, despite the nostalgic appeal of its cartoon origins, has largely failed to live up to expectations when it comes to the big screen. The series, which began airing in 2007, has been widely criticized for its lack of substantive narrative, underdeveloped characterization, and reliance on farcical humor that often fails to succeed. While the films have had some commercial success, critics have argued that they offer little beyond high-pitched songs and cheesy laughs. The overall feeling is that, despite having appealing anthropomorphic stars, the films consistently failed to provide compelling stories or memorable moments, resulting in a series that is more forgettable than exciting.

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Home is not a spacious house, not a room full of toys, not a bounty of wine and meat. Home is the arms you lean on when you have trouble sleeping, the chest you burrow into when you’re cold.

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The more excellent people are, the more likely to encounter such problems, close to your people, to you show good people, a hundred care, warm people is not necessarily because of love you. Like the three chipmunks, they are nothing more than three dollar signs in Ian’s eyes. However, people are fond of sweet words, and the bitter ones are often left out.

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The three adorable chipmunks, along with the music, could have been a masterpiece if it weren’t for the retarded portrayal of human emotions.

theodore chipmunk

The Chipmunks’ bond with Dave is too much of a given, and the bonding is not convincing enough. If the final breakup had happened between father and son, there would have been no argument, but it’s still a bit disconcerting that this kind of misunderstanding can be resolved between them without explanation. After all, from the perspective of the chipmunks, Dave and Ian’s attitudes towards them, even if there is a difference, are by no means to the effect of one loyalist and one traitor. After all, they’re just KIDs, and it’s a little hard for them to be able to tell loyalty from bad to good between the carrot and the stick.

Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks

In 2007, the famous director Tim Hill directed the Fox Mouse Movie Series, an animated movie starring Jason Lee and David Cross. The first of them is called “Elvin and the Chipmunks“, in which the plot of the little animal is lively and active, attracting the attention of children, and it is a suitable movie for the whole family to watch.

Theodore Chipmunk: The Beginning of the Story

The movie “Elvin and the Chipmunks” tells the story of David Seville, played by Jason Lee, a depressed songwriter in Los Angeles, who works hard day and night to create his songs, but his work is never appreciated by the boss of the record company. When he wakes up early one morning after sleeping in, he signs his name to the original recording tape and sends it to his boss, Ian Hawke (David Cross), who says there is no reason for him to keep insisting on it. Filled with anger, David returns home. At this time, three chipmunks from the mountains Alvin (voiced by Justin Long), Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler), Theodore Chipmunk (voiced by Jesse McCartney) live in a pine tree was used as a Christmas tree to send to Jack’s Records, they jumped down from the pine tree by mistake and jumped into the David’s basket along with Davey back to the home.

theodore chipmunk

Theodore Chipmunk: The Three Chipmunks Who Tricked Up

As soon as Davy returns home, three mice break into Davy’s kitchen. A strange noise in the kitchen made David go to check, he found three chipmunks eating in his cupboard David tried to catch them but failed to do so and was knocked out by the chipmunks instead. David woke up and was surprised to find that the three mischievous little guys could not only talk, but also sing in harmony. He and the little guys reached an agreement: they can live in the home and provide three meals and then every night before eight o’clock priority to watch TV, but must sing songs created by David. That night, the three chipmunks now sleep on the couch in David’s house, but the sound of the three mice is difficult for David to sleep, he suddenly thought of the three chipmunks sleep according to the sound of the song and fill in the lyrics with their wishes.

Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks插图1

The next morning David Seville began to organize the chipmunks to sing and he was very satisfied. So, he sends Jack’s record to Ian to show him, hoping to get his job back. But the three Chipmunks did not perform well and David had to leave in embarrassment. He then goes to his new place of work to present his sales report. When he opens the sales report, he finds it covered in the graffiti of the Three Chipmunks and he leaves embarrassed again. When he arrives home, he realizes that his house has been messed up by the Chipmunks, and in the evening his ex-wife is coming to the house for a visit, he divides his time with the Chipmunks and prepares everything but forbids the Chipmunks from attending the dinner party.

theodore chipmunk

Theodore Chipmunk: Three Chipmunks on the Road to Survival

The Chipmunks are always trying to help David, and when David’s ex-wife finds out something, David tries to hide it, and there is another unpleasant scene. That night the three Chipmunks feel sorry for David and head to Ian’s house to record music. The Chipmunks are a hit, but unfortunately, Ian, who also thinks it’s amazing that chipmunks can sing, also sees a path to riches, and he packages and promotes the three chipmunks in the most effective way possible, and then embarks on a world-wide tour, assigning them a lot of work, and calculating in his mind how he can enslave them to maximize the economic effect for himself. In order to make his plan go all the way through, Ian managed to get David, who had been protecting the Chipmunks, out of the door, so that he couldn’t get involved again. Whether the adorable Chipmunks can survive in the human world depends on their ingenuity.

theodore chipmunk

Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks

In fact, Elvin and the Chipmunks isn’t just a comedy, rodents do have strong survival skills. Scientists have discovered that in the Levant, a region in the eastern Mediterranean, wild rodents broke into human settlements and stole ancient human stores of wild grains and plant seeds. The rodents, which later became the house mice we know today, hosted human homes and stole free food. “Because of this cohabitation, rats have spread to every corner of the globe, just like humans, and have also become the most widely distributed mammal,” says Dr. Thomas Gooch of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. The object of his study was the teeth of rodent remains found in the southern Levant.

theodore chipmunk

Theodore’s chipmunk: a discovery for scientists

The scientists noted that the cohabitation of rodents and humans “took place 15,000 years ago when humans began to settle and start building houses. During that time, humans lived in round houses made of stone and mud, searched for wild grains such as wheat and barley, and hunted wild deer and hogs. With food suddenly becoming plentiful and few natural predators, there was a surge in the mouse population. This change occurred even before humans began domesticating dogs and cats. Interestingly, evidence of humans starting to keep dogs was found at the archaeological site. Scientists believe that this discovery provides valid proof for the study of human-mouse relationships before agricultural societies. This study found evidence of storing wild seeds which suggests that it was not necessarily cultivated grain that motivated the human-mouse bond, but possibly wild food gathered by hunters.”

Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks插图5

The scientists also found that while in the field of space exploration, experiments began to transplant bone tissue obtained in space to rodents. The first group has already completed the surgery to graft them with different materials, and the animals have been returned to their rearing tanks for the experiment, which uses more than 50 rats, divided into groups. In the space experiment for rodents, surgeons punched a hole about 1.5 millimeters in diameter in the skull of each rat.

Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks插图6

The scientists chose this bone hole because it is one of the most difficult defects to heal. The bone holes were then grafted with different materials: octacalcium phosphate, obtained in space or on Earth, or tricalcium phosphate. One group of rats does not do any grafting. One of the foremost purposes of the experiment is to compare materials from space and Earth, thus helping humans in the field of regenerative medicine. So, the movie “Erwin and the Chipmunks” critters are active and active, while in reality rodents do have strong survival skills of.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day

In the animal world, there are a lot of “foodie” image of animals, some animals for food will forget to escape, or to take the food with them to escape. In the foreign social networking sites on the netizens shared an interesting scene: a baby chipmunk eating peanuts, due to the peanut rice is too big, coupled with the small baby chipmunk is too greedy, almost will be the baby chipmunk’s mouth broken, baby chipmunks do not want to give up the food.

Chipmunk size

Chipmunk babies are too small. Chipmunk babies are squirrel-like rodents, but much smaller than squirrels. Chipmunk babies usually weigh about 100 grams, and adults are about 110-150 millimeters long, so these peanuts are a great meal for chipmunk babies, so it’s hard for them to give up their food.

baby chipmunk

Baby chipmunks vary in size and color depending on the species. They range in size from 7 to 8 inches in length, weighing 32-50 grams in the smallest baby chipmunks at 11 inches in length, and 125 grams in the larger baby chipmunks.

baby chipmunk

Baby chipmunk coats range in color from reddish brown to gray, with distinctive dark or light stripes on the sides of the face and down the back and tail. They have white fur on their underside and a brown tail with varying shades of black near the tip. Baby chipmunks have large, glossy eyes and a characteristically thick tail that is 2-5 inches long, which makes them a favorite character for animators.

baby chipmunk

Baby chipmunks have small but prominent ears that face forward and small eyes and pointed mouths on either side of their heads. Although baby chipmunks have small mouths, their cheek pouches can expand to three times the size of their head. Baby chipmunks dig with their front paws, which have four sharp claws on each paw. Dirt is pushed to the ground and carried away in the animal’s cheeks.

baby chipmunk

Baby Chipmunk Recipes

In baby chipmunk recipes, the baby chipmunk’s food is close to that of squirrels, and baby chipmunks also feed on a variety of nuts, seeds, berries, flowers, and young leaves, and occasionally catch some insects for food. Only this time, the peanuts are too big for the baby chipmunks to bite open, so they can only stuff the peanuts and these foods in their mouths first and try to take them away.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图4

Baby chipmunks are also very fond of storing food critters, according to some statistics: baby chipmunks a warehouse food storage can usually reach up to 5-10 kg or so, while a baby chipmunk weighs only about 100 grams, the storage of food is often more than food food, so in order to store more food, baby chipmunks will use the cheek pouches and so on to smuggle a large amount of food, which is why the baby chipmunks are constantly put food in their mouths.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图5

Baby chipmunks like to store food, but they don’t have a strong memory for the location of the storage area, so they can easily forget where the food is stored, so some of the food will be planted by the baby chipmunks as seeds, which plays a certain degree of the role of “seeding”. Baby chipmunks like to store food because they need to prepare for hibernation. When winter is approaching, baby chipmunks need to eat a lot of food and accumulate fat, so they like to store food in order to prevent food shortage.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图6

Baby Chipmunk Habitat

Baby chipmunks are widely distributed in the wild, and are found in North America, northeastern Europe, and the forested areas of northern Asia. The population is very large, and because baby chipmunks are relatively small and cute, they are also a very popular pet, and many people keep these small animals.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图7

Baby chipmunks are usually seen ravaging bushes in a variety of environments from scrubland, to alpine forests, to scrubby deserts. Baby chipmunks build complex burrows that can be up to 3-4 meters in length. These burrows have several entrances, tunnels and sleeping chambers and are kept very clean. Shells and feces are stored in trash tunnels. Sleeping areas are enlarged and filled with shredded leaves to make the beds comfortable. Food is usually stored in the lowest tunnel to keep it cool and fresh. Some species of baby chipmunks are raised on logs and bushes are abandoned nests.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图8

Baby Chipmunk Diet

Baby chipmunks have a variety of omnivorous diets that consist mainly of nuts, fruits, seeds, berries, grains, bird eggs, small frogs, fungi, insects and worms. Food is stuffed into their large cheek pouches and brought back to the nest. At the beginning of fall, large amounts of food are gathered and placed in the burrow for storage for the winter.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图9

Some species of baby chipmunks can make a lot of food. These two behaviors are known as “storing” and “scatter hoarding”. Larger hoarders usually stay in the nest until spring. Baby chipmunks usually gather their food from grasses, rocks, and logs on the ground where they can hide from predators like hawks, foxes, coyotes, weasels, and snakes. They will climb trees to gather acorns and hazelnuts, however, they are not as agile as their cousin the squirrel.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图10

Baby chipmunks play several important roles in the forest ecosystem. Their activities include harvesting and hoarding tree seeds that play a vital role in seedling establishment. Baby chipmunks also play an important role as prey for a variety of predatory mammals and birds, however, they are also opportunistic predators in their own right, especially for eggs and chicks.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图11

Baby chipmunks living in urban areas are known to accept human handouts, however, human food is not stored, it is simply enjoyed as a novelty.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图12

Baby Chipmunk Behavior

Baby chipmunks are very active and very fast. They have a bird-like microchip that can be used when they sense danger, and can also be used as a female baby chipmunk for mating. Other communications include hand signals, such as waving their tails enabling them to communicate effectively with other species. Baby chipmunks are solitary animals and males and females do not pair up until breeding season. Although baby chipmunks hibernate from late fall to early spring, they do not store fat, but instead nibble slowly throughout the winter, eating every 2 weeks or so.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图13

Baby Chipmunk Breeding

Baby chipmunk breeding season occurs in early spring and then in early summer. They produce 4-5 pups after 30 days of gestation. Western baby chipmunks only breed once a year. The young are born in burrows where they remain for about 6 weeks. Within two weeks of their emergence from the burrow, they become independent and begin to gather their own food for the coming winter. Baby chipmunks are social animals, and both males and females are young. Baby chipmunks live 2 – 7 years in the wild.

Baby Chipmunk: Learn Chipmunk Trivia of the Day插图14

Baby Chipmunk Conservation Status

Although baby chipmunks are vulnerable to forest fragmentation, they are not currently threatened. However, baby chipmunks are considered a vulnerable species.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!

For those of you who like to watch Disney animated movies, you must have been impressed by the adorable “Kiki” and “Titi”, the prototypes of which are the baby chipmunks I want to share with you today.

Baby Chipmunks with five vertical stripes

If you want to talk about the unique looks of baby chipmunks, you have to talk about the five distinctive brown stripes on their bodies, which is why they are called “five eyebrows”. The black stripe in the center starts from the top of the head and extends to the tail, while the others start from the shoulders and spread outwards. If you don’t believe me, you can take a closer look.

baby chipmunk

In addition, they are a lively and sensitive little guy with bulging cheeks and bright eyes, so they have become a favorite of many people. Baby chipmunks are not a single creature, there are 25 different members of the baby chipmunk family, all of them are small and usually weigh no more than 100 g. In addition, unlike mice, they are diurnal, so we can see baby chipmunks during the daytime with a lot of energy!

baby chipmunk

Most baby chipmunks live in North America, with a few settlings in Asia and Europe, where they like to stay in quiet woods or bushes and build their own burrows with their tiny paws. But don’t look at their little one, the ability to dig a hole is not ordinary, their home has a depth of about 3-9 meters, which is also subdivided into different living areas, there is a baby room, there is a storage room, there is also to confuse the natural enemy of the false hole.

baby chipmunk

For baby chipmunks, all kinds of berries and nuts are their favored food, and occasionally they will eat some insects for a change. Because they have cheek pouches on either side of their cheeks, they look funny when they are eating with a bulging face. And they can also use the cheek pouches to carry food, but they are a little greedy, they will be pine cones, almonds and so on a brain into the mouth, and then there is a side to run home, the food side of the scene dropped, often in vain.

baby chipmunk

By the time fall is in full swing, they are storing up their winter food, and it is during this time that baby chipmunks can be observed running and jumping in the woods. When the earth is unsealed and the warmth of spring returns, they emerge from their nests, and this is also the time when they look for love, and in early spring the baby chipmunks find a partner and begin to prepare for the birth of their babies. It only takes a month for a baby chipmunk mom to give birth to 4-6 pups. However, baby chipmunks are not group-living creatures, and at this time the males and females will be separated, and the females will enter the life of a single mother, and when the babies are old enough to live on their own, they will leave their mothers, and the baby chipmunks will once again return to their single lives.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图4

Baby chipmunks are shy by nature

Because they are so small, they are not very bold, and they are also lazy to their owners. If you’ve just brought a baby chipmunk home, they won’t show much intimacy with you because they’re still slow to warm up at heart. But this little guy cannot resist the temptation of food, when they are hungry, even if the face of you is still a little afraid, but will still run over to eat the food in your hand Oh. At this time the owner will have to make more efforts, keep repeating the feeding every day will make them more familiar with you, not long and you can become good friends. Why are baby chipmunks so alert? Because they are born with a lot of enemies, such as owls and weasels, so they won’t let their guard down too easily.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图5

In addition, as mentioned above, they like to eat nuts, but you can’t eat a lot of fried melons, as they contain nitrates when they’re stir-fried, something the baby chipmunk’s gut can’t handle. And these melons are also relatively high in calories, eat more of them will also become fat, too obese may cause a burden on the body functions. In addition, they also have a place to save people, that is, they will clean their own hair, put them into the special cleaning sand pool, you will see them in the inside of the spinning and rolling, so out of a clean baby chipmunk.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图6

In addition to these, they are also very sleepy creatures, as if the whole cannot wake up, 24 hours a day, they will spend 15 hours to sleep, so do not pay attention to observe them, you will find that your baby chipmunks seem to always doze off.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图7

Some members of the baby chipmunk family

Tricolor squirrels can be said to be the baby chipmunks in the genus C value, they have gorgeous fur, forelimbs and belly hair is gentle yellow-brown, on both sides of their body distribution of white spots, while their back is a deep black, different colors in their body combination of incomparable marvelous.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图8

Baby Siberian Chipmunks are their physical counterparts, and as you can see from their name, they live in cold Siberia, which is why they are covered in a thick layer of fur, as well as being stocky, with a large fluffy tail trailing behind them.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图9

Buhler chipmunk babies living in the wild, they are good-looking orange-yellow color, in order to adapt to the rhythm of life in the outside world, they are also equipped with agile speed and excellent perception, but they also have some shortcomings, that is, from time to time to let out some sharp and harsh screams.

Baby chipmunks, they are pocket-sized members of the squirrel family!插图10

I believe that after seeing this, you must have a better understanding of the baby chipmunks, this cute little animal, if you feel pity for them, you might as well have one to try!

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2

Chipmunks have cute big eyes, thick fluffy fur, regular stripes and chubby cheeks.  All in all, they are very cute! You may have seen them in zoos, wild woodlands, or in Disney cartoons. They are not only cute, but also have interesting diets, living habits and personality preferences! Are chipmunks related to squirrels? Focus on chipmunks.

Are chipmunks related to squirrels: they need to sleep 15 hours a day!

Captive chipmunks need at least 15 hours of sleep a day, and if their wild counterparts have the same sleeping habits, then the very active chipmunks you see outdoors are on their that active for another 9 hours.

are  chipmunks and squirrels related

Are chipmunks related to squirrels: they are close relatives of squirrels

Weighing between 28 and 142 grams, chipmunks are the shortest members of the squirrel family. These small rodents are also related to groundhogs and prairie marmots.

are  chipmunks and squirrels related

Are chipmunks related to squirrels: they are mainly found in North America

The Siberian chipmunk is native to Asia and is often found in central Russia, China, Korea and northern Japan. There are 25 species of common chipmunks, distributed in Canada, Mexico and other places, and their habitats include forests, deserts, and urban suburbs. Only one species of chipmunk has made its home outside of North America, the Siberian chipmunk.

are  chipmunks and squirrels related

Are chipmunks related to squirrels: they prefer to live underground

Chipmunks prefer to live in burrows in woodlands and other locations where they can be better camouflaged.

are  chipmunks and squirrels related

Are Chipmunks Related to Squirrels: Burrowing Systems of Eastern Chipmunks

Some chipmunks prefer to nest in logs, shrubs, or make huge burrows underground. They will make a false entrance to confuse aggressors, with an interior tunnel structure that can reach 3 to 9 meters, features food storage and a nursery, and is decorated with clean foliage and other plants.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图4

Their enemies could probably fill an entire ship

Almost any predator larger than a chipmunk is a potential threat to them, such as owls, eagles, weasels, foxes, wolves, raccoons, bobcats, lynx, cats, dogs, snakes, and even their close relative, the red squirrel! In order to avoid becoming a meal for other animals, chipmunks have to be fast and agile and only move around their burrows. They are constantly on the lookout for food, and when they see danger, they run back to their burrow, hide in a bush, or even climb a tree.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图5

Their food sources are just as plentiful

Chipmunks have mouths full of nuts and seeds, which they take back to their burrows and store for winter snacks. Chipmunks are not picky eaters and spend a lot of time looking for what to eat for their next meal, even going to bird feeders set up by humans.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图6

Chipmunks are omnivores, and they enjoy eating nuts, berries, seeds, mushrooms, insects, frogs, lizards, small birds, and bird eggs. In late summer and fall, they begin to bring additional food back to their burrows, where their cheek pouches are thick enough to hold a stash three times the size of their head. This behavior of chipmunk’s aids in both plant seed dispersal and the thriving growth of fungi and the like.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图7

Chipmunks hibernate, but not continuously

Beginning in late October, they gradually go into hibernation, where their heart rate begins to slow and their body temperature decreases until March or April. But unlike bears, chipmunks don’t store fat in advance to survive the entire cold season. They wake up periodically to stock up on nuts and seeds and even venture outside to forage for food.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图8

They’re not so cute when they’re newborns

Newborn chipmunks are blind, hairless and very fragile, much like a pink jelly. But the pups grow quickly and are ready to leave the nest after four to six weeks to start their own rat life.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图9

They are natural loners

As cute and friend-rich as the chipmunks in cartoons are, they are in fact solitary most of the time, and this is especially true before breeding season. It is in the spring and late summer that male and female chipmunks meet to mate and then go their separate ways. Female chipmunks are responsible for raising their offspring, but once the offspring are gone, they don’t see each other again.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图10

Loneliness does not mean silence

A 1961 album cover, The Chipmunk Trio, about 3 chipmunks, Alvin, Simon & Theodore. The actual chipmunks don’t sing, but they do make a “chip-trill” (a staccato high note) when protecting their territory. When confronted by a predator on the ground, they emit a “chip” (a high-frequency alarm sound). When chased by a predator or frightened, it is “trill”. Some chipmunks use a combination of these calls, or express emotions in different ways.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图11

Are chipmunks related to squirrels: hibernation

Chipmunks need to hibernate, the engineering hate chipmunks, because it hit the ground hole, in the ground about 10 meters -15 meters away, hit a big hole, inside put it in the spring, summer and fall storage of food, especially nuts, if someone digs out a chipmunk’s hole in the winter, that he will get at least 100 big nuts.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 2插图12

Are chipmunks and squirrels related: bites

Why would I know? Because I’ve been bitten, and this guy won’t let go when he bites! Now that I think about it, it’s only natural. If you can chew through the hard shell of a nut, you’re still afraid of biting a person?

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related: can be pets

Be sure to give it a good meal, and chipmunks do not like to be captive, put it in the cage especially smelly, let it out on the line, but it will be all over the urine, not very hygienic, personally recommended to take a shower, wash immediately after the hair dryer, otherwise the little guy will catch a cold, it will sneeze when it catches a cold.

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If the feelings, it likes to drill into the sleeve to hide, and likes to put the delicious stuffed their mouths after the nest.

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related: sleeping positions

There are many different sleeping positions, but my personal favorite is the one where he curls himself up in a circle with his big tail covering him, which is especially cute.

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related: thieves

Chipmunks are becoming more and more chicken thieves as they get older! When they are young, they still rely on their own hands to create hibernation holes and find nuts to store for the winter, but when they get older, they like to steal other chipmunks’ hibernation products, and if they get caught, they get beaten up!

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Chipmunks and squirrels are related: grinding teeth

Rodents are like this, that is, the incisors connected to the head, and rabbits are not the same, the incisors of rabbits are teeth, teeth is not grown after adulthood, rodent teeth are not teeth, that is, the forehead is in a hard to grow, so you need to be a hard to grind, for example, bamboo rats ah.

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Introduction to Chipmunks Part 1

Are chipmunks and squirrels related?

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Chipmunks are a type of squirrel, squirrels say collectively. Chipmunks belong to the order of rodents, squirrel family, is a close relative of the gray squirrel, common names are snipe civet cat, chipmunk son, Ger civet, etc., but the size of the squirrel is much smaller.

are chipmunks and squirrels related

Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Chipmunks and squirrels are close relatives, living habits are also similar to squirrels are diurnal animals. Of course, it, like all rodents, is not friendly to crops, but it is not very much like grain. Its physiology dictates that it is better suited to carrying and storing larger nuts.

are chipmunks and squirrels related

It differs from squirrels in that it has cheek pouches on either side of its face that can store several times as much food as it can carry in its mouth. Proportion of chestnuts, almonds, pine cones, etc., if the handling of food is too much effort, not to mention that not much cannot be moved, it is possible to run while leaking, after arriving at home, the food is not hoarded how much, are eaten by themselves.

are chipmunks and squirrels related

They all weigh about 100 grams, with an average lifespan of 5 to 10 years, and are diurnal. Chipmunks like to eat carrots, potatoes, groundnuts, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, and gherkins. However, chipmunks are not allowed to eat the kernels in the fruits because it may cause intestinal blockage and constipation, which will lead to death in severe cases.

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related? To the chipmunk, the fruit of the red pine seems too big, and he must study it carefully to find out where the pine tower is weak. After eating and drinking, the chipmunk likes to rub the pine oil stuck to its mouth on the moss. Northeastern Asia, Korea, and Hokkaido, Japan are the main production areas for chipmunks.

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Chipmunks are more active and clingier, like to jump and climb, you need to prepare a tall cage, you can use a large bird cage, or a three-layer squirrel cage. Because of the flexibility and mobility, easy to escape, will open the door by themselves, the gap of the cage is best not greater than 1.2 cm, the cage door should be reinforced, no one should lock the cage.

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Cages should be prepared with wooden nests and springboards, wooden nests for them to hide, and cotton can be laid according to the weather conditions. Chipmunks hibernate in the winter, so prepare extra cotton to keep them warm in cold weather.

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Prepare drinking water for chipmunks in a hamster waterer by filling it with cool white water and changing the water once every two days, or every day if the weather is hot.

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related: Diet of chipmunks

Chipmunks are omnivores and can eat almost anything, but their staple diet is nuts of all kinds. To put it bluntly, they will eat anything, but hibernation is definitely a good idea to store some with a long shelf life. There are nutritionally balanced feeds on the market specifically designed for chipmunks. Some chipmunks can be picky eaters, so pay attention to balance in feeding.

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To put it plainly, people’s face muscle elasticity and our stomach, the elasticity is particularly good, the specific can be stuffed how much still depends on the size of the peanut and the small squirrel’s individual physique. But hibernation will certainly store some with a long shelf life.

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Chipmunks like vegetables and fruits, which must be cleaned before feeding. Very fond of apples, like potatoes, groundnuts, spinach, etc. can be fed, bananas, small tomatoes and so on. No need to peel and de-seed, don’t forget they are masters of this business!

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Nuts. Easy to find on the market are chestnuts, pistachios sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc., try to feed a variety of nuts, you can choose a hard point of the nuts so that the chipmunks grinding teeth, such as walnuts, peanuts also like to eat. Nuts should be fed raw as much as possible.

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Underage chipmunks can drink goat’s milk and eat apples. When drinking milk, you can put the chipmunks on your hand and feed them a little bit with a small syringe (take care to remove the needle), and pay attention to exhausting the air in the syringe before feeding them to avoid the chipmunks dying of flatulence. This will increase the chipmunk’s trust in the owner and allow better interaction with the chipmunk.

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You can feed some small insects, boiled eggs in white water, small dried fish, etc. to supplement animal protein. For example, bread worms that are available on the market.

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Precautions

Although chipmunks are omnivores, some foods are not allowed to eat, if accidentally eaten light diarrhea, or life-threatening.

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Spicy and stimulating foods. Pepper, green pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, chives, cannot eat. Peaches, plums, apples and other cores. It is said that eating them will increase the heart rate and may lead to shock. The exact reason is not very clear, but it is best to be careful what you feed.

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Is the squirrel in “Ice Age” a golden flower mouse?

Must not be! The canine squirrel has neither a living representation nor a fossil basis, and was molded, with a girlfriend. Feelings of this thing really cannot say, two look like a fox and canine teeth and squirrel tail of the fabricated creatures so in love.

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Are chipmunks and squirrels related? Breeding ability

Generally speaking, male squirrels are capable of reproducing at about one and a half months, and females at about two months. The optimal age for squirrels to reproduce is between four and nine months of age, with females giving birth at 35-40 days of gestation, and generally having two litters per year, occasionally three. Female squirrels in the first year of childbearing produce 3-6 pups per litter, and after the second year, each litter can produce 5-10 pups. To put it bluntly, it is happy to give birth to a litter, happy to give birth to a litter.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet


The teddy bear hamster is a peculiar little rodent with huge cheek pouches and a short, stubby tail. The wild habitat of the teddy bear hamster is found throughout the Middle East and Southeastern Europe. In 1930, a litter of eight young teddy bear hamsters was brought to Palestine to be raised as research animals. Almost all domesticated teddy bear hamsters sold in the pet trade and for research are descended from three survivors of this litter. The teddy bear hamster was first introduced to the United States in 1938.

teddy bear hamster

Since the domestication of the teddy bear hamster, several color and fur varieties have emerged through selective breeding. The three basic groups that exist today include the common “golden” teddy bear hamster, the colorful short-haired “fancy” teddy bear hamster, and the long-haired “teddy bear” teddy bear hamster. All three species are popular pets, and the research community generally uses the basic Golden Teddy Bear Hamster.

teddy bear hamster

Occasionally, one may encounter other species of hamster, but these are less common than the teddy bear hamster. The smaller, dark brown Chinese Teddy Bear Hamster is commonly used in biomedical research and is sometimes obtained as a pet.

teddy bear hamster

These teddy bear hamsters are small, dark brown in color, and have black stripes on their backs. The Armenian teddy bear hamster and the European teddy bear hamster are two other animals that are occasionally used for research, but are rarely kept as pets. The information here pertains specifically to the Syrian or Golden Teddy Bear Hamster, as they are by far the most popular.

teddy bear hamster

Teddy Bear Hamster Diet

As with any pet, good quality food and clean fresh water must be available at all times. The precise nutritional needs of the teddy bear hamster have not been fully determined. In the wild, these animals feed on plants, seeds, fruits and insects. Current recommendations for captive feeding are pelleted rodent diets containing 15-20% protein. These rations are usually processed into dry blocks or pellets designed for rodents. Seed diets are also “formulated” and sold to teddy bear hamsters, but these diets should only be supplemented with basic rodent pellets. Seed diets contain a lot of fat and are prone to spoilage if not stored properly.

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In addition, when eaten alone, these diets often lead to obesity and potential nutritional deficiencies, especially calcium. Other dietary supplements include sugar-free breakfast cereal, whole grain bread, pasta, cheese, cooked lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables; all in moderation. Teddy bear hamsters eat about 12 grams of food per day and most of it at night. Teddy bear hamsters are like a bunch of little mice and often hide food in the corners of their cages to make it look as if they are eating much more than they actually are.

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Water is easily provided in a water bottle fitted with a tinoper tube. This method also helps to keep the water free from contamination. Always make sure the pipe is positioned low enough for your pet to easily access it. Young teddy bear hamsters need special consideration to ensure that they are strong enough to both use the sippy tube and have access to it. The average teddy bear hamster drinks about 10 ml of water per 100 grams of body weight (average adult size). Although this amount is a small fraction of the total volume of the bottle, fresh water should be provided daily, not just when the bottle is emptied.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图6

How to scratch a teddy bear hamster

Handled regularly from a young age, teddy bear hamsters usually remain docile and rarely bite. These naturally docile animals can be gently picked up and held close to the body with one or two hands. Be careful, even docile teddy bear hamsters may bite if surprised or suddenly awakened from sleep.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图7

However, other teddy bear hamsters may not have received much attention and handling throughout their lives and therefore may be more worrisome and aggressive. Any animal whose personality is not fully understood must be treated with caution. The use of small towels or gloves can help keepers capture and restrain such pets.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图8

Another method of capture involves luring the animal into a container (such as a can or tube), which can then be removed from the cage. Once removed from the cage, catching a teddy bear hamster can be inhibited by scratching a large amount of skin on the back of the neck. Because the skin is very loose, it is important to grab as much skin as possible using this method.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图9

Cages for Teddy Bear Hamsters

Several types of cages are suitable for teddy bear hamsters. Many of these units come with cage “furniture” such as exercise wheels, tunnels and nest boxes as an added luxury. These accessories, along with sufficient nest depth in which to dig holes, are ideal for the mental health of your pet. The cage should be constructed with rounded corners to prevent chewing.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图10

Teddy bear hamsters can easily chew wood, lightweight plastics and soft metals, so wire, stainless steel, durable plastics and glass are recommended as blocking materials. Beware that glass and plastic containers can greatly reduce ventilation and may cause problems with humidity, temperature, and odor concentration. These materials form suitable cages when at least one side of the enclosure is open for air circulation. Also, make sure the enclosure is escape proof, as these small rodents are known escape artists.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图11

Teddy bear hamsters do well in sturdy bottom cages with deep mattresses and plenty of nesting material. Bedding must be clean, non-toxic, absorbent, dust free and easily accessible. Shredded paper or paper towels, wood shavings and processed corn cobs are preferred bedding. Make sure wood shavings and corn cobs are free of mold, mildew or other contamination before use. Cotton and shredded thin paper make excellent nesting materials.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图12

Pet teddy bear hamsters are usually housed individually. Mature female teddy bear hamsters tend to be very aggressive toward each other and should not be housed together. Females are also larger and more aggressive than males, so males usually need to be separated immediately after breeding. When the men live together, they may fight, but tend to be less aggressive than the women.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图13

Generally, cages and accessories should be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a week. An exception to this schedule is when newborn babies are present, waiting until they are at least two weeks old to disturb the cage. Other factors that may require more frequent cleaning are the number of teddy bear hamsters in the cage, the type of bedding provided, and the design and size of the cage. Clean floors and walls weekly with soap and water. Change bedding weekly.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图14

Cages should be sanitized with hot water and a non-toxic disinfectant or detergent, then rinsed thoroughly. Wash and sanitize water bottles and food daily. Most of the time just hot water and a mild detergent, followed by a rinse, will do the trick.

How to Care for A Teddy Bear Hamster as A Pet插图15

Bleaching kills most of the major pathogens that teddy bear hamsters will produce or come in contact with, so for a more thorough cleaning, occasionally wipe with a solution of 1 part bleach in 10 parts waters, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Water bottles and bowls can be soaked in a bleach solution for 15-30 minutes, but must be rinsed out before use. Detergents are sold at pet stores and can be used, but most are not as effective as bleach for deep cleaning.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions

Teddy bear hamster Emotions

Compared to dogs and cats, teddy bear hamsters are less likely to communicate with their owners. However, if you observe them carefully every day, you can still understand their emotions. Moreover, teddy bear hamsters can express their emotions, so watch these actions and messages carefully to understand their emotions.

teddy bear hamster

Tidying up

When teddy bear hamsters groom their body hair, they are in a relaxed state. Otherwise, it is a state where the teddy bear hamster’s own flavor disappears after the owner strokes the teddy bear hamster and wants to apply the flavor to its body again. Teddy bear hamsters love their own flavor.

teddy bear hamster

Turning over

When the owner’s hand reaches inside the cage, the teddy bear hamster will turn over. This is because the teddy bear hamster is startled when the hand is pushed in, or because it finds it annoying. The teddy bear hamster has almost no weapon against the enemy, so it will roll over and resist with all four legs. At this time, just go over slowly and reassure the teddy bear hamster. Especially when the teddy bear hamster is sleeping, don’t scare the teddy bear hamster.

teddy bear hamster

Rolling up in a circle

You can tell this is the teddy bear hamster’s sleeping position by looking at it, so keep your voice down. However, they will also roll up when they are not in good health, so be careful. When the weather is cold, the teddy bear hamster will roll up, so it is trying to keep warm.

teddy bear hamster

Teddy bear hamsters are nocturnal animals that like to sleep during the day and come out at night, so don’t wake them up when they are sleeping! Four-week-old teddy bear hamsters are adults. Unlike rats, they have a short tail, or even no tail at all. The most interesting thing about teddy bear hamsters is that they know how to hide their food in the sides of their gills and spit it out only when they are in a safe place.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图4

Medical attention

Whenever your teddy bear hamster is not feeling well, please don’t panic and try to minimize the time it takes to get your teddy bear hamster to the doctor. Precautions to be taken when the mother teddy bear hamster is in labor:

  1. During the mother’s pregnancy, remember to keep the teddy bear hamster in a separate cage from the male teddy bear hamster. The male teddy bear hamster may eat the baby teddy bear hamster.
  2. Please help the mother teddy bear hamster to have a good body tonic, the birth is very hurtful, you can use flamen, nutritional cream, nutritional water, small dried fish, bread worms, etc., so that the mother teddy bear hamster can increase the nutrition.
  3. Please try not to change the items and cushions in the mother teddy bear hamster’s cage when the baby teddy bear hamster is full moon. It is easy to scare the mother teddy bear hamster and cause her not to nurse her baby or to reclaim (eat the baby teddy bear hamster). Please do not touch the baby teddy bear hamster before it reaches the full moon!
  4. After the baby teddy bear hamster reaches one month old, it can leave the mother teddy bear hamster after its fur grows and its eyes are opened and it is weaned, at this time, you can try to touch the baby teddy bear hamster!
  5. It is best to wait until the baby hamster is a month old before feeding it breadworms, which have shells. At this time, the baby’s digestive system is not yet complete, please do not feed breadworms, as it is easy to get indigestion.
  6. Remember to pick up the roller during the teddy bear hamster mom’s pregnancy. Sometimes teddy bear hamster moms will neglect breastfeeding in order to play with the roller.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图5

Self-examination of the teddy bear hamster’s body


Teddy bear hamster’s incisors are constantly growing, and sometimes the teeth are too long, which can prevent them from eating. At this time, you can cut the teeth by yourself, please use the small animal teeth cutting utensil, if you are afraid to do so, you can bring it to the doctor to cut the teeth.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图6

Aroma Gland

Male teddy bear hamsters only have, in the middle of the abdomen, there is a yellow grain, that is the scent gland, when the male teddy bear hamster is in heat, the smell here will be particularly heavy. Sometimes the scent glands may accumulate too much, so please remember to use hydrogen peroxide mixed with saline at a ratio of 1:10 to help them wipe it off! If there is too much, please take them to the veterinary hospital and ask the doctor to clean it.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图7


If your teddy bear hamster’s eyes are healthy, they should be bright and shiny. If they are red, oily, or have eye droppings, you should pay attention to them and bring them to a veterinarian.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图8


Your teddy bear hamster’s poop should be a little hard, the size of a grain of rice, black and odorless. Sometimes it may turn green or red, so don’t be too nervous. Think back to your teddy bear hamster’s diet to see if there is any green or red color in the diet, and if there is, green color is normal. If there is any green or red color in the teddy bear hamster’s diet, it is normal for the stool to be green in color. If the stool is soft or has a foul odor, please send it to the doctor as soon as possible.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图9

Cheek sacs

Sometimes it is necessary to check if the food in the cheek pouches has been eaten, if not, please do not give any more food. If the food in the cheek pouches spoils and becomes smelly, it may lead to buccal pouch infection. Regularly check the cheek pouches for the odor of rotting food and help him to remove the food from the pouches by rinsing the pouches with saline mixed with water at a ratio of 1:3 and inserting a feeding syringe into the pouches.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图10

Hair Color

Teddy bear hamster’s fur is usually soft and shiny. If there is any hair loss, please note if it is an allergy and bring it to the doctor for examination as soon as possible.

Watching Teddy Bear Hamster Movements to Understand Their Emotions插图11

Body Temperature

A teddy bear hamster’s body temperature is usually slightly higher than ours when touched by hand, but it does not feel obvious. If it is obvious that the teddy bear hamster’s body temperature is too high, please send it to the hospital immediately, as it is very likely to be a precursor of heat stroke!

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding

How big should a gerbil cage be: Essentials for Gerbils

How big should a gerbil cage be: Cage

In the summer, use a ventilated wire cage or a half-iron, half-plastic cage, such as a field cage. In winter, please keep your gerbil warm. A full rubber cage is better for winter. Please be careful not to use wire mesh on the bottom of the cage, as gerbils are prone to break bones and injuries.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

How big should a gerbil cage be: Food bowl

Most cages come with their own food bowls. If you need to buy your own, you can use any small container, as long as it is not easily knocked over and the rim is not too high for the gerbil to climb into. Commonly used containers include glass cigarette holders, saucepans, small bowls of all kinds, and microwaveable boxes.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

How big should a gerbil cage be: Drinking water containers

Most cages come with a waterer, and it’s a good idea to install one when DIYing, because gerbils need to drink. Drinkers are generally designed with a stainless-steel bead on the front, so be careful to test for leaks when purchasing. Don’t take a bowl to hold water directly, because gerbils will wet their fur when drinking water or swim in it, so they will easily catch cold and get sick. If you don’t have one, feed your gerbil more vegetables and fruits.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

How big should a gerbil cage be: Litter box

A plastic box with cat litter is a simple toilet. Remove the clumped litter every day or change all of it, depending on your personal hygiene habits. Gerbils raised by people who love cleanliness are also cleaner.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

How big should a gerbil cage be: Bathing Room

Some gerbils will use cat litter to bathe in the toilet. Although it is not hygienic, it is the gerbil’s preference, and a bathing room is no longer needed. However, if some gerbils love to be clean, the owner should buy a bathing room for them, and put bathing litter in it to let the gerbils roll around and play holes as much as they want. The gerbil’s bathing sand should be disinfected, or the gerbil can be washed, sterilized and dried in a microwave oven, and mixed with talcum powder to make bathing sand for use. It is better not to use talcum powder directly because it is too irritating and can easily hurt the gerbil’s eyes.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图4

How big should a gerbil cage be: Running Wheel

Most of the cages come with a running wheel, because wild gerbils have to run 20km a day, so a moderate amount of exercise is very important for gerbils, without enough exercise, gerbils will be stressed and fight with each other, bite the cage and other behaviors. So careful owners should give their gerbils a running wheel. At the same time, because nowadays the owners give their gerbils very good nutrition, they tend to make the gerbils over-obese, which can easily make the gerbils get cardiovascular diseases as well, so even the gerbils should have a normal and healthy body shape. Be careful when buying, you should choose a running wheel with no seams so that the gerbil will not be easily injured.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图5

How big should a gerbil cage be: Wood shavings

Many materials are available for gerbil cage bedding, but most people choose wood shavings because they are cleaner and easier to get. Be careful when using paper bedding, do not use printed paper, the ink is toxic and gerbils can be poisoned.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图6

How big should a gerbil cage be: Teething stones or sticks

Gerbils’ teeth will continue to grow, so a teething stick will be needed to grind down overgrown teeth.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图7

How big should a gerbil cage be: Hutches

There are ceramic, wooden, grass, plastic huts, gerbils love them all, because gerbils are animals that love to live in holes, if you have the conditions, you should give gerbils a hut.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图8

Gerbil food

  1. Please don’t look at the gerbil too cute, give too much sunflower seeds or high calorie food, gerbils are easy to get fat, nutritional imbalance. Gerbils that are too fat are prone to heatstroke in summer, have excessively thick skin fat, and are prone to hair loss.
  2. Sunflower seeds are sufficient for a Tuesday to four pieces! It can be used as a reward food for training gerbils.
  3. Please do not think that gerbils do not need to drink water! Water must be supplied and changed once every two to three days.
  4. Please do not feed too much fruits and vegetables at one time, as it may cause death by diarrhea. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, so please wash them with water and wipe them dry before feeding.
  5. Match the snacks with the main food, increase the number of snacks and decrease the number of main food. Don’t give too many snacks, as fat gerbils are prone to illness.
  6. Please keep the feed and snacks in a sealed jar, or in the refrigerator, and discard any food that breeds insects and ants.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图9

Edible Foods

Vegetables Green vegetables (e.g., green river vegetables), carrots, squash (green and yellow vegetables are preferred) Seeds Sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts (don’t give too much) Fruits Apples, strawberries, cherries, bananas, grapes (please don’t give too much because there is a lot of sugar) Grains Feed for chickens, feed for turtles, feed for birds, wheat, corn, millet Plants Clover, dandelions, kudzu, plantain Animal proteins Beef, chicken, boiled egg white, cheese, milk, yogurt, worms, dried fish for pets.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图10

Amount of food to be fed

It is easy to supply gerbils with more or less food because gerbils have a habit of storing food and will get upset if there is less food. Therefore, if you find the food bowl is always empty every time you add food it means the food is added too little, and you should also pay attention to clean up the uneaten food in time, especially the fruits and other things with moisture to prevent spoilage.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图11

Gerbils can be kept in a 50 cm square tank used for keeping tropical fish, with a cover made of wire mesh on top (it is easy to swelter in summer, so care should be taken). When using a wire cage, the gerbil grabs the wire and climbs upwards, risking a fall, so it is best if the cage is not very high and the wire at the bottom of the cage is removed and used.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图12

Line the bottom of the cage with straw, hay, sawdust or strips of fine newspaper. Feeding tubes can be made of earthenware, preferably heavier. Some twigs can be provided for gnawing to prevent the teeth from growing too long. Nest boxes can be made of wood or paper, etc. Bird nest boxes can be utilized in addition to those that come with the cage. Line the nest box with hay, sawdust, newspaper, rags, etc.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图13

Sinks do not scrape feet, but they tend to accumulate moisture, so be careful to keep them dry. Also, the sink is deep enough to put in plenty of straw, hay, and other cage substrate that will allow gerbils to dive in, put in dirt, and top with hay. Create a very natural environment where gerbils can dig holes for nests.

How Big Should a Gerbil Cage be? Basic Gerbil Supplies and Feeding插图14

Drinking water can be done with a water feeder, mounted at an easy-to-drink height, and adding water to a vessel-type pitcher. Gerbils can be allowed to play with water in the summer, but don’t get the cage too wet. Gerbils have the habit of defecating in a fixed place. Put a litter box in the place where it often defecates and put urine or feces in it to make the litter box smell bad, so it will use it as a toilet. Don’t force the gerbil to use the toilet if it doesn’t need it, just clean the cage regularly.

How Big should a Gerbil cage be? How to feed gerbils?


How big should a gerbil cage be? For gerbils, definitely the bigger the better la. The double cage is big enough for the gerbil to jump up and down. There is one more thing you may or may not want to put in the cage, the bath, so that the gerbil can enjoy rolling around anytime. However, it is a waste of gerbil sand, and the gerbil will turn the sand into the cage.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

There are also some gerbil supplies, gerbil food can buy a little. You can buy some gerbil food and mix it with your own, and often feed it some washed and wiped vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, which my gerbils love to chew on.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

Gerbils must have bath sand, if it is not necessary, gerbils should not use water to wash, it is easy to catch a cold. And they are very afraid of water. If you don’t use the bathroom, you can always take the gerbils out and roll them around in the sand, and the stinky smell will be gone.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

How big should a gerbil cage be? Wood shavings in the gerbil cage are also necessary, I once thought of using odorless paper towels, but within two days, the cage stinks to high heaven, very strong smell of urine. I had to change it every day, it’s not so bad in winter, but it’s especially bad in summer, so I recommend using wood shavings, it’s cheaper to buy them in online stores, and for a gerbil, one kilogram of wood shavings can be used for at least half a year.

how big  should a gerbil cage be

You don’t need a teething stone, but the gerbil’s food must have some hard food, which can be used for teething. You can also buy a little gerbil snack, cheese grains ah, small melon seeds ah, you can eat a little flaxseed, sesame seeds, beauty of the hair, gerbil’s fur will be brighter. If you are not afraid of bread worms, you can buy one or two pieces for the gerbils to eat, but eating too much will be on fire.

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How to feed gerbils

  1. Prohibit the feeding of human food, too much salt, too much seasoning, will increase the gerbil body burden.
  2. No direct contact with the sun, gerbils are very afraid of heat, summer is here, please using a heat sink or marble to cool them down.
  3. Do not wash your gerbil’s body with water if it is not necessary.
  4. Please know your own gerbil species. No solitary gerbils or different species should be housed together.
  5. If you are not mentally prepared or financially capable, please do not combine female and male gerbils in a cage, as gerbils are very capable of reproducing.
  6. Prohibit the use of feed of unknown origin, please discard the worms or moldy, do not feed!
  7. Do not allow gerbils to drink raw water, please let them drink cold boiled water.
  8. Prohibit the use of bamboo chopsticks, popsicles and other things for gerbils to grind their teeth, please use gerbil-specific teething products and feeds available on the market.
  9. Prohibit the use of newspaper and tissue paper as bedding material. Newspaper has too much ink, and Kleenex contains bleach.
  10. Prohibit gerbils from being kept in too small a space, which should have at least a wheel, water bottle, food bowl, small nest and other supplies.

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Gerbil feeding environment

How big should a gerbil cage be? The optimum temperature in the cage is 20-28℃, avoid direct sunlight or places directly hit by strong winds, but pay attention to ventilation. Don’t be too close to TV, stereo, computer, gerbils can hear sounds that humans can’t hear and should avoid radiation and noise.

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In summer, it is best not to turn on the air conditioner, because when you go out, turn off the air conditioner, and then turn on the air conditioner when you come in the house will make the temperature difference in the house too big, and the gerbils are very sensitive to the temperature, and easy to catch a cold.

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Don’t put it outside in winter, gerbils will hibernate because it’s too cold. How big should a gerbil cage be? Lay more bedding material such as wood shavings in the cage and configure a wooden or straw hut for the gerbil for warmth. Or give extra napkins for gerbils to make their own nests. The easiest way to do this is to place the entire cage in a cardboard or plastic box, but keep an eye out for ventilation.

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When bringing a gerbil home, it will seem very sensitive and nervous for a relatively long period of time as it is away from the environment it has been living in and away from its mother and siblings is lost. Sometimes it will bite, daze, refuse to eat, etc. And this period is a critical time for you and the gerbil to build trust. If not handled well it will be hard to build a good relationship later on, and it is possible that your gerbil will turn into a bad gerbil that bites all the time!

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Here’s a timeline, don’t be in a hurry, a little goes a long way with your gerbil:

Day 1: Allow him to get used to his new environment, don’t harass him at all, don’t touch him, and don’t take him to and from the gerbil.

Day 2: You can feed it with your hand and talk to it softly to familiarize it with your smell and voice.

Day 5: Gently pick it up and put it in the palm of your hand (don’t let it fall or run away).

Day 10: You can play with it as much as you like.

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Be careful when picking up a gerbil. Sleeping gerbils don’t like to be disturbed, so make sure he is awake before you pick him up. You should spread his nest so that he can see you, and then pick him up gently, and don’t force him to do so if he doesn’t want to be picked up.