Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks

In 2007, the famous director Tim Hill directed the Fox Mouse Movie Series, an animated movie starring Jason Lee and David Cross. The first of them is called “Elvin and the Chipmunks“, in which the plot of the little animal is lively and active, attracting the attention of children, and it is a suitable movie for the whole family to watch.

Theodore Chipmunk: The Beginning of the Story

The movie “Elvin and the Chipmunks” tells the story of David Seville, played by Jason Lee, a depressed songwriter in Los Angeles, who works hard day and night to create his songs, but his work is never appreciated by the boss of the record company. When he wakes up early one morning after sleeping in, he signs his name to the original recording tape and sends it to his boss, Ian Hawke (David Cross), who says there is no reason for him to keep insisting on it. Filled with anger, David returns home. At this time, three chipmunks from the mountains Alvin (voiced by Justin Long), Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler), Theodore Chipmunk (voiced by Jesse McCartney) live in a pine tree was used as a Christmas tree to send to Jack’s Records, they jumped down from the pine tree by mistake and jumped into the David’s basket along with Davey back to the home.

theodore chipmunk

Theodore Chipmunk: The Three Chipmunks Who Tricked Up

As soon as Davy returns home, three mice break into Davy’s kitchen. A strange noise in the kitchen made David go to check, he found three chipmunks eating in his cupboard David tried to catch them but failed to do so and was knocked out by the chipmunks instead. David woke up and was surprised to find that the three mischievous little guys could not only talk, but also sing in harmony. He and the little guys reached an agreement: they can live in the home and provide three meals and then every night before eight o’clock priority to watch TV, but must sing songs created by David. That night, the three chipmunks now sleep on the couch in David’s house, but the sound of the three mice is difficult for David to sleep, he suddenly thought of the three chipmunks sleep according to the sound of the song and fill in the lyrics with their wishes.

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The next morning David Seville began to organize the chipmunks to sing and he was very satisfied. So, he sends Jack’s record to Ian to show him, hoping to get his job back. But the three Chipmunks did not perform well and David had to leave in embarrassment. He then goes to his new place of work to present his sales report. When he opens the sales report, he finds it covered in the graffiti of the Three Chipmunks and he leaves embarrassed again. When he arrives home, he realizes that his house has been messed up by the Chipmunks, and in the evening his ex-wife is coming to the house for a visit, he divides his time with the Chipmunks and prepares everything but forbids the Chipmunks from attending the dinner party.

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Theodore Chipmunk: Three Chipmunks on the Road to Survival

The Chipmunks are always trying to help David, and when David’s ex-wife finds out something, David tries to hide it, and there is another unpleasant scene. That night the three Chipmunks feel sorry for David and head to Ian’s house to record music. The Chipmunks are a hit, but unfortunately, Ian, who also thinks it’s amazing that chipmunks can sing, also sees a path to riches, and he packages and promotes the three chipmunks in the most effective way possible, and then embarks on a world-wide tour, assigning them a lot of work, and calculating in his mind how he can enslave them to maximize the economic effect for himself. In order to make his plan go all the way through, Ian managed to get David, who had been protecting the Chipmunks, out of the door, so that he couldn’t get involved again. Whether the adorable Chipmunks can survive in the human world depends on their ingenuity.

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Theodore chipmunk: The Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks

In fact, Elvin and the Chipmunks isn’t just a comedy, rodents do have strong survival skills. Scientists have discovered that in the Levant, a region in the eastern Mediterranean, wild rodents broke into human settlements and stole ancient human stores of wild grains and plant seeds. The rodents, which later became the house mice we know today, hosted human homes and stole free food. “Because of this cohabitation, rats have spread to every corner of the globe, just like humans, and have also become the most widely distributed mammal,” says Dr. Thomas Gooch of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. The object of his study was the teeth of rodent remains found in the southern Levant.

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Theodore’s chipmunk: a discovery for scientists

The scientists noted that the cohabitation of rodents and humans “took place 15,000 years ago when humans began to settle and start building houses. During that time, humans lived in round houses made of stone and mud, searched for wild grains such as wheat and barley, and hunted wild deer and hogs. With food suddenly becoming plentiful and few natural predators, there was a surge in the mouse population. This change occurred even before humans began domesticating dogs and cats. Interestingly, evidence of humans starting to keep dogs was found at the archaeological site. Scientists believe that this discovery provides valid proof for the study of human-mouse relationships before agricultural societies. This study found evidence of storing wild seeds which suggests that it was not necessarily cultivated grain that motivated the human-mouse bond, but possibly wild food gathered by hunters.”

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The scientists also found that while in the field of space exploration, experiments began to transplant bone tissue obtained in space to rodents. The first group has already completed the surgery to graft them with different materials, and the animals have been returned to their rearing tanks for the experiment, which uses more than 50 rats, divided into groups. In the space experiment for rodents, surgeons punched a hole about 1.5 millimeters in diameter in the skull of each rat.

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The scientists chose this bone hole because it is one of the most difficult defects to heal. The bone holes were then grafted with different materials: octacalcium phosphate, obtained in space or on Earth, or tricalcium phosphate. One group of rats does not do any grafting. One of the foremost purposes of the experiment is to compare materials from space and Earth, thus helping humans in the field of regenerative medicine. So, the movie “Erwin and the Chipmunks” critters are active and active, while in reality rodents do have strong survival skills of.