Theodore Chipmunk: Observing the Movie Alvin and the Chipmunks

Theodore chipmunk:Alvin and the Chipmunks plot introduction

Alvin and the Chipmunks director Tim Hill, released in 2007 , tells the story of the hero David, a songwriter who is not particularly fond of talented songwriters, and whose songs have become obsolete in the eyes of his friend Ian, who runs an economic company, and because of his friend’s taunts, David loses his passion for music.

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On his way home for dinner, he meets three chipmunks, Simon, Alvin and Theodore Chipmunk. But the three of them have different personalities and David takes them in because of their singing talents. But their mischievous character brings David both work and love losses, but also because of the three chipmunks, his talent is again recognized by the company. The three chipmunks become famous, but because David is unfamiliar with the concept of family, he does not recognize the chipmunks as a member of the family, so a series of misunderstandings arise.

theodore chipmunk

The Chipmunks also leave David and join Ian, an unscrupulous boss who only wants to suppress the Chipmunks. The Chipmunks are initially very happy to be out of David’s control, but because of Ian’s constant suppression, they experience severe physical fatigue. David also began to realize the importance of the three chipmunks to him, and eventually David confessed his love, the chipmunks also recognized David’s love and care for them, and returned to David’s side. Ian eventually goes bankrupt for breaking his contract.

theodore chipmunk

This is more of a children’s film, and some of the songs in it are really catchy and catchy, and the overall feeling is interspersed with the atmosphere of a musical, which would have been more upbeat if I’d seen it in a movie theater.

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But as a musical cartoon movie that leans towards a children’s film, but also serves as some revelations, such as I think it implicitly tells some of the problems of the entertainment industry, such as Ian as a capitalist does not care about the rest of the Chipmunks’ time in the entertainment industry, and is bent on squeezing them, so that they are always in the time of fatigue, as it feels like the entertainment industry in the crushing of child labor.

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Theodore Chipmunk:Three Cute Chipmunks

Green hoodies, cute and yummy. These three little guys aren’t very handsome, but they are geniuses. The three lively and lovely chipmunks should have lived happily in the woods, but they broke into the human world and wandered into the door of David, an unlucky composer. The little guys take over David’s house without saying a word, and in order to convince David to take them in, the three chipmunks actually speak human language and sing songs.

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Thus, a chipmunk chorus was born, and the three chipmunks soon became a household name. With the help of the three adorable chipmunks, David creates several Christmas songs and soon becomes famous. However, the mischievous little chipmunks bring both hilarity and chaos into David’s life.

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Unfortunately, Ian, the bad guy at the record company, thinks the Chipmunks’ singing is magical, and sees a “bright path” to riches. He packages and promotes the Chipmunks, and then tours the world, giving them tons of work and making lots and lots of money.

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In order to make his plans go smoothly, he also sowed discord between the Chipmunks and David, causing the Chipmunks to leave David. The bitter experience of working for Ian made the three chipmunks realize how happy and evocative it was to live with David as a family. Finally, they return to David and live happily ever after.

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Wonderful dialog

David Chipmunks (the three chipmunks are singing “Funky Town”): Hey guys, stop singing, it’s three in the morning.
(Theodore and Simon stop, and Alvin is continuing to sing)
David Chipmunk: Alvin. (still singing)
David Chipmunk: Alvin. (still singing)
David Chipmunk: Alvin!
David Chipmunk (seeing Theodore Chipmunk eating a tiny brown thing): Oh, Theodore, are you–?
Alvin Chipmunk: Relax, David, it’s just a raisin.
David Chipmunk: I don’t believe it.
Alvin Chipmunks (swoops up the raisin and eats it): Oh, yummy.
David Chipmunk: Okay. (David leaves).
Alvin Chipmunk (quickly spits out the contents of his mouth and points one finger at Theodore): Dude, you owe me big time!
Theodore Chipmunk: oh ……

Theodore Chipmunk:Alvin and the Chipmunks Afterthoughts

The Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, despite the nostalgic appeal of its cartoon origins, has largely failed to live up to expectations when it comes to the big screen. The series, which began airing in 2007, has been widely criticized for its lack of substantive narrative, underdeveloped characterization, and reliance on farcical humor that often fails to succeed. While the films have had some commercial success, critics have argued that they offer little beyond high-pitched songs and cheesy laughs. The overall feeling is that, despite having appealing anthropomorphic stars, the films consistently failed to provide compelling stories or memorable moments, resulting in a series that is more forgettable than exciting.

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Home is not a spacious house, not a room full of toys, not a bounty of wine and meat. Home is the arms you lean on when you have trouble sleeping, the chest you burrow into when you’re cold.

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The more excellent people are, the more likely to encounter such problems, close to your people, to you show good people, a hundred care, warm people is not necessarily because of love you. Like the three chipmunks, they are nothing more than three dollar signs in Ian’s eyes. However, people are fond of sweet words, and the bitter ones are often left out.

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The three adorable chipmunks, along with the music, could have been a masterpiece if it weren’t for the retarded portrayal of human emotions.

theodore chipmunk

The Chipmunks’ bond with Dave is too much of a given, and the bonding is not convincing enough. If the final breakup had happened between father and son, there would have been no argument, but it’s still a bit disconcerting that this kind of misunderstanding can be resolved between them without explanation. After all, from the perspective of the chipmunks, Dave and Ian’s attitudes towards them, even if there is a difference, are by no means to the effect of one loyalist and one traitor. After all, they’re just KIDs, and it’s a little hard for them to be able to tell loyalty from bad to good between the carrot and the stick.